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If you lose or accidentally delete video recordings made with your Mac camera, you can use data recovery software such as Disk Drill to get them back. All you need to do is download and install Disk Drill, select the storage device where the recordings were originally located and click on the Recover button.

Do you aspire to become a famous YouTuber, or do you simply want better image quality for more enjoyable video communication with friends and family? Then you need a great external Mac webcam. The camera offers excellent image and sound quality for a very affordable price, making it perfect for business calls and video conversations with friends and family.

The LifeCam HD has an adjustable rubber base that allows you to securely mount it on any computer monitor or laptop without the camera obscuring your view.

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The Logitech C Pro Stream is the new king of webcams for streaming. The camera is built with the Full HD resolution in mind, featuring the ability to capture high-definition content at 60 frames per second. It captures a degree field of view and has a pair of high-fidelity microphones that provide fantastic audio quality. The Logitech C Pro Stream can automatically adjust to changing light conditions, consistently delivering vivid colors and producing well-exposed video footage.

If you refuse to make any compromises and want to give your audiences the best image quality you can get, the Logitech C Pro Stream is an easy choice. It features TrueColor Technology for realistic image reproduction even in bad light conditions.

Why won't the videos play in Safari?

The webcam has a high-fidelity microphone with intelligent noise reduction and it ships with a useful privacy cover. The base of the webcam has a tripod mount, allowing you to mount it on a standard tripod to capture different perspectives, which can come in handy during business meetings and multi-person phone conferences. The Logitech C is one of the more affordable webcams from Logitech. This compact, 8 MP camera is intended for people who are always on the go and rarely talk with colleagues in person. Thanks to its foldable design, the camera can stay with you wherever you go and provide you with superior image quality no matter where you end up working from.

It captures HD video footage, and its advanced autofocus is reliable even at night. The built-in Logitech RightSound microphone makes your voice clearer and the background noise less distracting. While it lacks some of the bells and whistles of more expensive webcams, it records decent video footage both during day and at night. Best of all, the Logitech C is very inexpensive, and you should be able to find it at your local computer store.

Menu Disk Drill. Posted on October 18, by jon. Want to be safe? Hide your IP right away, otherwise government, hackers, provider knows everything about you.

How to fix webcam NOT CONNECTED PROBLEM on your Mac FAST AND EASY

August 29, author: Please advise. I have already tried to uninstall and re-install the flash player. But no effect. Hi Ling, Please follow the given steps: Keep your system software up to date. Select Check for updates. Select Daily from the pop-up menu. Select Download updates automatically. Also, if still, the problem persists then might be any preexisting software is causing this issue due to software incompatibility.

Try to remove that software and then restart your system. What should I do?

Troubleshoot Flash Player games, video, and audio on a Mac

Any help would be appreciated! Hi Tara, Please follow the below steps: Not empty the Safari cache. Show Develop menu in menu bar 6. Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop-down menu click Empty Caches. Turn that OFF, quit and re-launch Safari to test. Hi James, This error occurred on your browser when the browser already cached the request from the server.

Troubleshoot games, video, audio | Flash Player | Mac

The solutions are clearing cookies and caches in your browser and restart it. The video will play fine using Google Chrome, but not Safari. Thanks for describing the ways to fix this issue. Thanks a lot! Now what to do? Any advice will be appreciated. Hi Dayna, Most Youtube content requires the flash plugin. Please follow these steps: Uninstall the previous plugin reinstall the new flash plugin then quit and relaunch Safari. Restart your Mac, try a video 3. If you getting problems 4.

Move the Cache. DB file from the com. Quit then relaunch Safari, try a video. Safari extensions can prevent some video from streaming. If you have any installed, switch to OFF, quit then relaunch Safari, try again.

Adjust Your Camera Settings

Quit then relaunch Safari to test. I had the issue like Safari unable to play YouTube Video, I reinstalled safari and the same this occur again. After reading this blog I resolved my problems. I had the same issue in a couple of weeks ago. The video will play fine using Chrome or Mozilla, but not Safari. Thanks for kind words. Please subscribe our facebook and twitter accounts for more latest updates and offers. Your email address will not be published.


Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. To begin with, you should be aware of the three basic requirements to play any YouTube video: Latest browser version Updated Adobe Player A continuous high-speed internet connection All the fixes to resolve YouTube videos playing issues are spun around the above three necessities. Fix your internet connection 2: Reinstall Adobe Player 3: Disable Plugins in Safari or the browser you are using 4: Update Safari to the latest version 5: Repair Disk Permissions 6: Way 1: Fix your internet connection A slow internet connection or unstable network can prevent high-quality YouTube videos to play smoothly.

To do so, follow the below steps: To uninstall, follow the steps in the below link: Disable Plugins in Safari or the browser you are using In case your YouTube videos are loading but not playing on Safari, try disabling the Plugins in your browser. Way 4: Way 5: Steps to Repair Disk Permissions: About The Author Sumona Chatterjee Sumona is a technical blogger with experience in writing data recovery tips and tutorials.

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