Starting Up Mac in Target Disk Mode

When I did it wanted to install it but did not find a hard drive to install it on. I was able to get into disc utility from there and it showed the hard drive -- first time I saw any sign of the hard drive in a long time, and first time I made it into disc utility. I ran a repair, and it found nothing to repair.

What If Your Hard Drive Fails To Display On The Desktop?

From there I ran a repair permissions and a repair again. Went to shut it down to try target mode again and it brought me back to the install of the OS and it had found the hard drive this time. Luckily, being my son's computer, there was nothing important on there, so I chose to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall the OS.

It worked! So it is up and working It is running really hot, so I assume this will not be a long fix, but I was relieved to be able to get it going for now.

How To Recover Data From Another Mac in Target Disk Mode

While it may be working now it won't be long before its lights out on the HD. Still happy to hear your system is working! Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. It's best to startup the system that will be in Target mode first and then startup your host system. You don't need to press any keys on the host system only the target system when it boots T key.

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If you boot the other way you'll need to connect the FireWire cable after you have booted your target system. Basically its acting like an external HD in this mode. If the system is showing the Target mode icon on the screen and you can't see it's drive. The drive is gone dead.

From what you describe here I suspect the drive is shot and you'll need to replace it. You do have a few things to deal with here. I would recommend getting a Seagate 1. There are other drives but most are more expensive for less storage. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Tonya Rep: Is this simply reaffirming that the hard drive is broken or am I missing something?

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How To Recover Data From Another Mac in Target Disk Mode

Anne Berntsen Anne Berntsen 3 1 2. Please post a screenshot of the Disk Utility window.

Hope this helps. Not only does this answer the question, it might be the correct answer. USB drives get a "stealth" fsck and can often take 10 to 40 minutes to "appear" and there's not much to tip you when this is happening.

Unable to target disk mode

Going to brew some tea is actually a decent strategy if you have a drive that's not mounting immediately. Thank you for the reply: And I am sure this could be the answer in many cases. I had my MacBook connected for hours, but still could access it only trough Disk Utility. I sent my MacBook in for repair and they had to install a new HD Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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